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Re: Ever have that feeling something is wrong?

Originally Posted by lil_nic80 View Post
Can I unload here? Had my NT ultrasound yesterday. It was a relief/exciting to see little bub rolling around . Nurse came in after test was complete and risk for Trisomy 13 & 18 are 1:10. Tris 21 (downs) is not applicable here. She shell shocked me. After seeing heart, brain, arms, legs, nasal bone on screen it was still surprising to hear something could still be wrong. Just trying to collect my thoughts and now prepare for all situations. Just hoping... I don't know how to finish that sentence.
Oh my goodness, mama. I feel for you. I know it is of little help to hear anecdotes when you have those stats staring you in the face, but perhaps it will bring some comfort to know that these tests are not always right. My cousin's best friend had her first child at 42 and her AFP results came back as it being very likely her child would have downs. She didn't. She had her second at 44 yrs and the same result came out with the test, and again she had a baby without any problems.

I sincerely hope it all goes well and that you have a healthy baby.
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