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i found out why ive been soooo soooo o o o sick. my blood glucose level was at 45 (non-fasting) and my doc asked me how i get out of bed in the morning. i told him i dont. i am hoping this is a reactive hypoglycemia situation and that i dont feel like this much longer. any fellow sufferers?

the symptoms are so similar to regular preggo symptoms that i had no clue...major fatigue, nausea, headaches, night sweats, etc.


(as a side note, i think i need new midwives. they knew for 3 weeks what my level was and didn't call to let me know so that i could adjust my diet accordingly. i found out when i requested they fax my labwork to my primary doc for reference. kind of sad bc they are the only homebirth midwives with hospital privileges- had the last babe at home but i wanted to do the hospital this time. this is the second mess-up too as they also neglected to order my thyroid panel, something that is pretty important in the first trimester for ppl with thyroid issues...feeling torn)
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