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Input needed....Severe separation anxiety??

Everything Ive been reading says its abnormal after age 2 and if it continues she needs to see a psychiatrist and possibly get on anxiety meds (seriously?!?). My 27mo is still having anxiety when we go to MDO. Weve been going since September. At first I thought Oh this is normal, but its not getting better. In fact it seems to be getting worse.
Add to the fact, this kiddo is developmentally delayed (speech) by 11 months. We start speech therapy next week, Plus I suspect some SPD issues (mostly noise related). Weve been told by 2 docs to have her worked up for an ASD....we are just waiting to get in to the evaluation center.

I want to pull her out of MDO. She does fine at the babysitters because her big sis is there.....but big sis is in another class at MDO. Anyway, hubby is not sure....thinks we might be depriving her of an opportunity for socialization and further speech development. I argue that at this age, they dont really "socialize"......more like fight over toys, right??....and her speech hasnt improved by being there so far.

Can yall offer any insight?
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