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Re: Help me find the perfect mail organizer!

I also use a hanging file thingy. I use this one from Target, except it has a pretty pattern on it:

That's how I organize our incoming paper clutter. I have a folder for unsorted mail, so that if I don't have time to go through everything I can do it later, instead of just leaving it spread all over the counter or in the entryway. I have folders for me, my husband, etc. and one that is for stuff that needs to be filed, and another for stuff that needs to be "dealt with," and one is just for take out menus and coupons. I just recently put it together but am already seeing a huge difference!

Then we have a Wonderfile for our bills, so once our mail is sorted I put the bills in a folder in that. It's the thing from the infomercial, but I got it for $8 at Big Lots. It's actually pretty cool, and keeps our billing/mailing drawer nice and neat because I store stamps, a calculator, envelopes, etc. right inside of it.

I just got rid of our regular filing cabinets in our office, and converted everything to a binder system. I like it a lot better already.
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