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So I ordered 2 on BF and you have to realize that in Canada they are around $29 each and the fact that I got them for $22.99 was amazing! I only have one other that I love and could never justify buying them at that price. It's not 5 for $95 here it's about $112 or something so it's still just about $23, are they ever going to be that cheap again?

We have about a dozen or more other AIOs that DH uses, but I really love the Elementals for me to use when we go out because I feel they are really absorbent. For day care we are using 6 Nanas bottoms (ds goes 2 half days a week right now) so we have those as well.

We have many prefolds and fitteds, etc so I don't really NEED them, but I feel like I should get them because they might never be this price again!

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