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WWYD: toddler nap/night diapers?

My DS is 26 months and doing really well in underwear during the day. He wears a sposie at nap and night-and he usually poops during those times. (He will #2 in the potty, but it's like he doesn't fully relax until asleep and then his body lets go.)

I have been using sposies because I didn't know how I would wash with only 2 dipes a day. Even when we did cloth before PL'ing, I typically did a sposie at those times due to wetness/rash issues. Now, however, I'm wondering if it would be better for him to wear a CD to facilitate the next step of potty training. Plus, I'm pregnant, and the smell of the sposies in the trash is AWFUL!

So, would you try cloth again? I have large and XL prefolds, Dappi covers, a few Kawaii pockets and a Simplex 2.0 that would fit. How would you wash? Would poo on cloth be even worse for my nausea? Thanks for any insight!
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