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Re: (o) TTC While Breastfeeding (o) November/December

Originally Posted by Nickel+3 View Post
Do tell....

So my sister N, hooked up with M. N had a 2y old son. M has 2 daughters. Well, M spanked my nephew and meant to smack his butt, but ended up smacking his face, and left a bad bruise. The story was realllyyy fishy. So my brother D, see's the bruise and freaks out. Calls my other sister and tells her she has 24hrs to talk to my sister N, and her boyfriend.
My Brother gets drunk and start wrestling our younger sisters boyfriend who is the MOST quiet person in the WORLD.
Then, starts hitting people. He hits my BIL, then my pregnant sister, then my husband who is SO not into play fighting.
My brother ends up leaving with another sister (rode with her), and my sister N is crying non stop, her boyfriend is VERY VERY defensive and we all eat in total silence and pure awkwardness!

There is more drama now, and now N can't go to my older sister's house for Xmas, and my brother still hasen't apologized to me or DH for his behavior!
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