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Originally Posted by pgkcb13 View Post
I've thought about re-organizing so ODD can get her own plates and such. I would do this to a certain extent, but some things I would skip, like the banana slicer... I taught ODD to slice a banana with a butter knife at 2.5... but then again I also gave her normal scissors at 2 and started letting her pour her own cereal and milk about that age too I'm a big believer that kids can do a lot more than grown ups give them credit for and allow my kids to do things as they show interest.

Once you get things set up I'd love to see pictures/hear more!
I agree about skipping the slicers. My kids learned to slice with a butter knife at 2.5 and with a real knife at 4.5. I use mason jars to prepare dry oatmeal mixes and to store yogurt for them.

We use a few step stools in the kitchen due to floor space. Once I move the baby seats out, I might do something similar with a coffee table.
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