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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

it'll work out the best way for you! I totally understand the pay differences you could be looking at between sick leave/disability and mat/parental leave. We've been dealing, and are currently (with xmas coming) dealing with the ramifications of DH being on disability for the most of this year - since the last week-ish of January. Effectively, we lost all his summer pay (so 2 months of income), and now he's only getting his net pay from before he took leave - in spite of the fact that there was a new contract signed this summer (which included some %age raise across the board) and that he should have gotten a pay raise (for inflation, basically). So, we're getting a lot less this year, overall, than we should be getting. Very frustrating.[/QUOTE]

Wow that is frustrating indeed :-( Sorry. I was really lucky and the Dr who saw me didn't even see the need to talk to me just stamped me unfit to work and I got my early leave. Such a blessing!!!!! Of course we do pay high taxes here but I personally feel like the system is a good one. It's kind of a weird feeling to be home until baby turns 2 now.
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