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Re: baby in 5th percentile at 2months

I didn't read the responses, but I've been through this so much. I have 5 of my 6 kids have always been barely on the chart or not on at all. They are slow growers and gainers. Some pediatricians have given me a hard time about it and others have not. It is frustrating because I know it's just my kids and our genes. We are all small.

Don't allow anyone to force you to supplement, especially just because they are at the bottom of the chart. I would make sure you are getting your care from a VERY breastfeeding friendly pediatrician. That makes a big difference. I've been to drs. I trusted to be honest and know when it really was time to supplement and ones who I didn't. With one of my dd's, I got a second opinion. Definitely seek that out if you don't feel comfortable with what yours is telling you.

I also second seeing an IBCLC before starting to supplement.

Some kids are just small. As long as she is following her own growth curve and no dropping off, she is doing great! Hang in there!

PS - My 6th baby is from another planet. He was born at 9lbs 1oz and at 7wks is already just about 12lbs! I don't know what to do with such a big baby.
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