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Re: Positive induction stories

I have had one good induction and one very good induction.

DS1-- I walked in leaking water and was 4cm. Because he was only 35 weeks they didn't let me leave and sent me to the hospital. I had picotic and my water broke on its own very quickly. I progressed with the help of pitocin very quickly and since I was not prepared mentally for that and the pain and paniced which caused DS1 to have some issues. I got the IV drug and they turned the pitocin down so I could regroup wich stalled me out for a couple hours. As soon as they turned it back up he was born about 5 min later. All in all from water breaking to him being born was 3 hours, he was out in about 3 pushes.

With DD I knew what to expect and that once it got "bad" it would be over very quickly. I walked in to the inductin alraedy dialated to 4cm and -1 station. I was given pitocin and the dr, broke my water. She was born 2.5 hours later. It was really only 20 min of hard contractions (which I knew wouldn't last long so I didn't panic) and about 5 pushes. Water was broken at 9am and she was born at 11:30am. Wit her I was able to do it with out any pain meds.
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