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Re: Any husband CD addicts/lovers?

Baby isn't here yet, but he's a fan. And he'd better be, since he'll be doing most of the diapering! And probably laundering, for that matter.

He would be fine with sposies if that were what I was into, too-- he's supportive like that. But I think his main (personal) reasons for supporting cloth are:

1) It seems comfier/gentler/healthier to him.

2) It's NBD to him, as he helped CD his brother with PFs, pins and plastic pants in the 70s. After having done that, the fact that we'll be trifolding/Snappi'ing/using AIOs makes CDing pretty equal to sposies in his mind.

3) Cute! He agrees modern CDs (like the stash we ALREADY have!) are way cuter than sposies.

He does like to joke, though-- considering the size of our stash-- that our baby will have 12 butts.
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