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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by ingrid5699 View Post
Wow that is frustrating indeed :-( Sorry. I was really lucky and the Dr who saw me didn't even see the need to talk to me just stamped me unfit to work and I got my early leave. Such a blessing!!!!! Of course we do pay high taxes here but I personally feel like the system is a good one. It's kind of a weird feeling to be home until baby turns 2 now.
Yes, it is. DH is on leave per the Dr's orders, but this is just how the disablilty works through his division. I hate it.
I realized last night that we're also missing out on a good extra near $1,000 because by October DH has paid everything for the year on certain deductions and then we get those amounts for November and December - I was trying to figure out how we've managed to make it through Christmas and all in the past and remembered that in Nov we usually get an extra few hundred (not really "extra", but you kwim) and in Dec we get a good $500 - that makes a BIG difference at xmas time! But we won't get any of that this year.
It really sucks. And much moreso because when I get worried and stressed about money, I think of why we're in this place this year - because of DH taking leave. And then I get really angry (irrationally so, honestly) at him for taking leave... or at least for taking leave for so long.
Heck, where was my leave after we lost Elli?

Anyways. It blows. I'm tired of this year and just want it to be next year - hoping things will turn around for us then.

AFM: Cuz... apparently that wasn't all about me
Hiccup's been moving more strongly the past couple days, after another couple of quieter days at the beginning of the week - at least now I do feel some movement during the quiet days, just not as much as on active days, kwim? But they're not as worrisome as they were just a couple weeks ago. I still wonder if they correspond with a growth spurt for him? Or maybe it's just a personality thing? Whatever the reason, it seems normal for him.

I've got to get a bunch of stuff done this morning (laundry and general tidying) and then get ready to go to town this afternoon. DH had to work this morning instead of afternoon because it's easier for the colony parents to do parent/teacher stuff in the mornings - no big deal - and actually that works out well for us today. We're in our church's "Bethlehem Live" shows tonight and tomorrow (2 shows tomorrow), so we were looking at having to rush around and leave right away when he got home this afternoon. Now he'll be home at lunchtime, we're going to pick up the olders after swimming lessons (in town) and just go to DH's parents for some time to sit and have supper.
Anyways, it goes well and we get lots of people through!
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