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Three inductions here. Three positive. In each case pitocin was started around 2cm, how I came in, water was broken some hours later, which really got things going.

Got to 4 with my first, 5 with my second, and got the epidural within 30-an hour. Finally got a short rest around an hour or so, woke up complete! Pushed for 2 hours/1.5 hours, then hello giant baby!

I got to 4 or 5 with my third and waited at least an hour before they even called anesthesia. They had some rule about how much IV fluid to finish first? They didn't consider that there was NO anesthesiologist in the building, and apparently wherever the nurse anesthetist went was a super cool fun place that he never ever wanted to leave. He was paged several times. After two hours total, I had to pee bad (all the fluids!) And wanted to try to poop (terrified of pooping on the table). As I was finally like "yes! Finally! Poopin!" He walked into my room. They asked me if I could come out. I told them he could wait on me now, I was pooping between contractions kthanx.

He tried three times, hitting nerves, finally got that thing in, I dozed off for ten minutes, she checked me, I was complete and didn't even need to labor down! They stated prepping the OR (long story, but my midwife wanted me to birth in the OR with an OB on standby). She checked again and called that off, and apparently she was breaking down that bed as fast as possible, because she was worried he couldn't wait! I was finally numb with no clue, one real push, tada, BABY! We were a little shocked, and happy at the speed!
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