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Re: Positive induction stories

My 4th baby was 8 days late he was camping out in me and no intentions on coming any time on his own. I walked in was at 3cm I get stuck at a 3 every time so they hooked me up with my iv and pitocin drip. One of the Dr.s from my Ob office came in 30 minutes after I had got there checked me I hadn't changed. So she asked to break my water I agreed nice clear fluid which was a surprise for such a late baby. ( I keep a log of my af always have so I know when to expect it, I get zero af symptoms and I do not like those surprises.)

Anyways everything sped up real fast and smoothly they decided to check me I was a 8 this is almost 4 hrs from the start. The nurse runs to call my Ob he is great!! she comes back and the room was filling with everyone plus equipment. I was already pushing with other nurse's, when my Ob comes in tease's the nurse for not calling him sooner. I deliver my second son (in 4 hrs start to finish) he was 8lbs 15 oz after he got done peeing everywhere lol!

No pain medications at all I felt great after wards a very nice birth, It changed my mind on inductions. All I have ever heard of were horror stories on the internet no one in real life that I know has had one. Well besides my mom for my sister but that was 30 some odd yrs ago so it doesn't count TeeHee
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