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Originally Posted by RunawayBunny
I couldnt see on the link (on my phone so it took me to a mobile version), but if you want to use the toddler bed part, I would make sure you are happy with how it converts. We bought two cribs, on for my mom's house and one for us. My mom's has a bed rail for half the length for the toddler stage so its harder for him to fall out. Our crib is just straight across, below the mattress for the toddler stage (more like a toddler day bed). So ds just rolled right out. We stopped using it right away.

I totally second the covering rails in you plan on using past childhood. DS was not at all a biter and I always got him as soon as he woke (and I nursed him to sleep). It only took once and there are a ton of bite marks all over the front. Those cheaper cribs are probably made of pine and it just scratches and dents super easy.
Ours didn't include a side-rail for the toddler conversion either but I saw an idea on Pinterest where you put a pool noodle along the front under the sheet to create a barrier and it worked perfectly!! Super cheap & easy and now my DS doesn't even need that. Just another idea

We did buy the crib rail wrap covers b/c I was paranoid about bite/scratch marks and those worked perfectly!! Our crib seriously looks brand new 3 yrs later!!

OP-if you're going to go with a convertible to get the most use out of it, I'd suggest you buy a really good quality one. The cheaper pressboard type wood just won't hold up.
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