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Re: Speaking of BabyLegs (Fit Question)...

Originally Posted by sweetest View Post
I only have the OS baby-legs and they don't fit a newborn (my LO was just over 8lbs at birth and gained quickly). I started using them around 3 months when LO was around 14ish lbs, they probably would have fit a bit sooner though (maybe 12lbs). Oh and my guy is pretty solidly built... if you have a skinny baby then they would take longer to fit, since the limiting factor is the width of the elastic around the leg not the length...
Awesome, thank you! That confirms what I suspected and is really no problem... Although Babe will be born at the beginning of March (and will particularly need warm legs for the first 4-6 weeks in my climate), it sounds like s/he will probably be able to wear OS BL before s/he is crawling and before fall and cold weather hit again.

Anyone else want to weigh in? Especially anyone with My First or Newborn BL?
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