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Re: The 25lb Challenge November thread

Originally Posted by Mac & Cheeses mom View Post
It's the last weigh in day in November I hope we all take it out with a bang!

Old: Mac & Cheeses mom: starting 244, goal: 140, current: 231.3 -12.7

New Mac & Cheeses mom: starting 244, goal: 140, current: 228.4 -15.6
Great loss!!

Originally Posted by breefawn View Post
Can I decline to weigh in? LOL I gained 20 pounds (no, I'm not joking) during our move. Blech! Eating out for a month straight will do that, I guess!!

New start weight: 187.8 current weight: 174.4
You are doing great so far! Keep at it!!

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
143.6 this morning.

I'm going to try to run but i have no idea whats going in with the plumber Situation. The leak is from out kitchen sink but in the wall. The mgr said its probably our drain. Our owner is saying since its not leaking under my sink,it's a common area pipe and the building should pay. The owner will call the mgr today because i know if i tell him he has to pay, he will get mad and belittle me. He already scolded me for using the sink more and said I'm adding to the problem. I have a family of 4, how do i not use the sink?
Good job!! Sorry about the building issues, that sucks.

Originally Posted by waterisntsomething View Post
I'm really going to try to come back to this thread! I've been avoiding it b/c I haven't really been trying too hard . I got all the way back up to 196 but I'm comign back down again. Moving is so stressful.
Welcome back!
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