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Re: Paying for college

I don't think anyone is saying that they are not going to help them but I am most certainly not going to pay for their entire college education. They will value it more if they experience the responsibility of having to pay their own way, plus, i feel they need to learn to how to take care of themselves and provide for themselves and this a huge part of that. My family is very loving and supportive but we were always encouraged to stand on our own. I am not saying they would not be there to help us if we truly needed it but we were taught to have a great amount of pride in being able to take care of ourselves. On the flip side, I have seen that my husbands family is VERY dependant on eachother and it makes me queasy. Their grandparents are hurting because they have paid for EVERYTHING for their children and grandchildren. They paid for college and they've paid for unnecessary vacations, they bailed my dh's parents out several times when they spent more than they could afford. Seeing all this just goes to prove that when a parent pays their child's way for everything then it breeds irresponsibility and a tendancy to lean on others. I don't want that for my kids. Anyways, those are just my personal reasons for not paying for my child's college education.
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