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Re: If one were going to circumcise

Originally Posted by TwinKristi View Post
Pediatricians do the vast majority of them in our area, both in the hospital and in office. Just curious why you think a doctor who specializes in the care of newborns and children wouldn't be the doctor to do it? I can understand using a urologist but that's really not the norm.

OP- We also waited until 8 days or later with our last baby (and our first 3 as well) and brought him to our Ped's office. He has done a lot of them and was very skilled in doing it. He did several local shots and a nerve block and did wait a bit for it to work before starting. Baby didn't show much discomfort during the procedure either and dh was with him the whole time and used sugar drops as well. It healed very well and have had zero issues at all. My daycare baby had his done by our same Ped actually and his is very similar! Go figure! Our last 2 were done at the hospital by a Ped before we left on the 2nd day. No issues with theirs either but DS5 did have some minor adhesions they attributed to having excess fat in his pelvis. His little penis would completely disappear like a belly button! LOL We saw a urologist for that and a mild hernia in his testicles and he said his circ was fine and not a problem.
It's a delicate procedure, and the penis is important, and I think a surgeon is the best candidate for anything involving cutting.
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