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Originally Posted by MamaWillow

Mama, you are doing a great job. I just wanted to chime in and say that if YOU want to wake her to eat, do it! "They" aren't in charge of how you parent. Please, if you feel the need, then go ahead and wake her. It may not hurt to do a dream feed before you go to bed...just a thought.
Thank you that helps. The baby really doesn't go to bed until around 11-12pm so I run and jump under the covers pretty fast because I'm tired lol. I've been waking her up around 4-5 am and today she woke up on her own around then. I have to get DS up and ready for school at 7 now that my husband is back to work. I'm glad he's working but I miss going back to bed. Now after I get him on the bus I try and get some house chores done. I've tried going back to bed but I just can't slept so now I clean the house. I wish she went down a little earlier so I could feed her again.

I bought a moby wrap from fsot this week bc I read that baby carrying improved infant weight gain plus it will help me get more things done. I'm really hoping that it comes in the mail today.

I've added more healthy fats to my diet to try and increase the quality of my milk is I drink three cups of mothers milk tea a day. I'm not overly worried about supply just calorie content. This morning she ate at 5 then again at 8 and then afterwards I was able to pump off an extra 3 oz. it's not a ton but its an extra feeding worth of milk. I'm going to pump before I go to bed tonight to make sure I'm good and empty. I really don't have time to pump furring the day bc I have a doctors apt and my don is going to his first schoolmates birthday party tonight.
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