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Seriously??!! Why??

I'm so frustrated! I just started my period at 7wks pp exactly! It isn't fair. I work so hard to BF. I deal with yeast and mastitis and have dealt with almost everything else under the sun nursing my children. So, why, oh why can't I at least enjoy the major benefit of no period for a while? I hate my period. It causes me a lot of issues and I don't even need it. (we can't conceive without IVF.)

It makes no sense. My baby has nothing but me. Nurses a LOT. Doesn't sleep more than 4hrs most nights. Co-sleeps with me half the night and sometimes all night. I even pump for extra stimulation. Why does it come back? and and

Thanks for listening to my vent. I know some women's bodies are just like this and there is nothing I can do. But, I just wanted to vent about it because it makes me mad.

ETA - Luckily, my supply doesn't notice my hormones. In fact, I was quite full yesterday and again today. I would be even madder if my supply dipped because of it.
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