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Re: Insomnia and Anxiety- Need Help Please!!!

Talk to your hcp about if you can take benedryl yet. I have CHRONIC insomnia (long before getting pregnant) and after the first tri (I think) my OB said I was fine to take benedryl to get sleep.

What I do that is not drug related. I get up. Nothing is worse than sitting in bed staring at the clock and tossing and turning. I get myself something to drink (milk or juice) and sometimes read (something like a book I've already read) sometimes I watch shopping channels (the constant monotone talking will put me to sleep).

What actually is the best non-drug alternative is listening to self-hypnosis tracks (hypnobabies). They're available as downloads off the internet.

I would check in with a therapist to try to resolve the anxiety that is causing the insomnia.
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