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Re: New to Nashville, TN

Originally Posted by JannieAnnie View Post
Hi! My family just moved to the Nashville area a couple weeks ago. I have no friends or relatives in the area and I need help finding care providers. I'm a somewhat crunchy mama and I need to find:
family physician
Homebirth Midwives

Any referrals would be greatly appreciated! Send here or privately.

I don't know how far she will travel, but Ina May Gaskin, a very respected, award winning midwife is 1 hr 15 minutes away from Nashville in Summertown, TN. Also, there is a midwifery school where she lives (which happens to be a commune named The Farm) so I'm sure there are plenty of graduates around there to choose from. I am from a small town about 15 minutes away from The Farm (I live right outside of Memphis now), and if I lived as close as you do there would be NO DOUBT in my mind I would try to use her as a Midwife.

I thought your proximity to her was worth mentioning. I'm sure A TON of Mamas here on DS would jump at the chance to have her deliver their Baby.

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