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Re: Any success stories bfing with 2nd &3rd grade inversion?

I don't have inverted nipples. But, I did have a flat nipple on the left. It was hard for the babies to latch on that side and it hurt me because of it. I've had 6 kids, 2 sets of twins. I don't know when it happened, but I noticed a few weeks ago with this last baby, who is now 7wks old, my nipple isn't flat anymore. I suspect it changed sometime with my last set of twins, who I nursed for 16 months. It is not flat at all anymore. In fact, it's more comfortable than the other side now. LOL!

I think trying the EP'ing is a great idea! I would hope that maybe you could nurse after a while, but reality is baby may never latch if he/she doesn't early on just because they won't learn how. But, at least they would be getting BM. I've EP'd before and it is hard work and a very big commitment. But, for me, it was well worth it. And, I would think it would help that nipple. Even possibly so much that if you have more kids, you could nurse them. I'd definitely try the EP'ing if you can.

Good luck!
Heather SAHM to 6 who are 7 and under, including 2 sets of twins and our last little miracle, a surviving identical twin, born Oct 2012!

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