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Re: I'm Absolutely Clueless

The Radian is a tank. My DH cursed at me when I made him pick it up, and laughed at my idea to use it as a travel seat because it folds. He said there was no way in h3!! that he was ever going to carry it anywhere. It is installed in our VW Double-cab and does not get moved, ever.

I have Britax seats in our other cars, and yes, they are SUPER easy to install. Love them. I also have smaller than average kiddos, so don't have to worry about the shorter shell and them being outgrown. My 6.5yo can fit FFing in the Boulevard, and is just at the RFing weight limit, although long outgrown by RFing height.

I have heard good things about both the TrueFit and MyRide, although I don't know availability where you are. Is there any place near enough to you that you can go and try seats in your car, see how they install, and go from there?

And it is okay to feel clueless. You have recognized that you need help, and sought it out, which is more than a lot of people seem to do.
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