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Re: need a chill pill need a chill pill need a chill pill need a chill pill need a ch

Originally Posted by harmoni247 View Post
another vote for honesty. I totally understand what you mean though. I'm trying to figure out how to list some old gifts from my mom on craigslist without her knowing....but they check it all the time! I just can't bring myself to practice what I preach....I can't be honest.
I would tell you to be honest too, but if it were my mother in law I wouldn't be able to do it. My dh was a total mama's boy and she was devastated when we got married so I'm always scared of doing anything to upset her. The way their family is you just graciously accept what you're given and I quickly learned after refusing to let dd play with some toys they gave her when she was younger just to let her have them and take them away later if I was worried about them. She gave dd some Disney Body Wash for her birthday and made a big deal about how I had to approve the gift even after she had given it to dd and I just said thank you, but after reading the warning label (which said it was known to cause UTI's and to discontinue use if a rash developed and to KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN for goodness sakes) I took it away and threw it out. So I guess it depends on the relationship you have with her and how upset she would be. My mom might be a little offended, but I would probably tell her anyways b/c she'd want her money to go to good use in the end. If it were my mother in law I'd smile and thank her and say nothing. Bowls and cups are not worth destroying a relationship over. Could you return them without saying anything?
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