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Re: What can cause supply to drop?

Originally Posted by Madame Medina View Post
Many things can cause a drop in supply.

One thing you can try is to spend the next 24 hrs in bed shirtless with your little one and nurse on demand. Sometimes we get so busy running around this time of year we miss out on the opportunity to comfort nurse (nursing for no other reason then they just want comfort)

Something else to keep in mind, your little one might be coming up on a growth spurt and those constant cues to nurse could be her way of letting your breast know she is going to need more milk.
I'm wondering if this might be a contributing factor. With the holidays, we just traveled several hundred miles. It made for a lot of quick 10 minute nursing sessions. Maybe my breasts werem't getting the stimulation they needed to know to produce more milk. I'm going to attempt to have a nurse-in with DD. Hopefully that helps! Thank you!
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