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Re: Help! Just found out I'm pregnant, and low progesterone, but cannot afford the me

Yes, find the cream somewhere. 7.4 is low, but mine was lower with this past pregnancy (below 5) and my 7wk old is about to start fussing any minute now. It can happen. You are still really, really early with hCG of only 28 still. So, really 7.4 isn't as bad as it sounds since it starts out low, just like the hCG, and then has to rise also. Go get the cream. You can find it at any health food store, even GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe. It's better if it can be made from soy, but the ones from yams are definitely better than nothing if that's all you can find. I would probably put it on twice a day even though it will probably only say once. Very important, if you do start, do NOT stop until 12wks or until your MW says it's okay to do so. You need to be taking it till the placenta takes over producing the progesterone which is around 9-10wks. Many RE's (we are infertile and get pregnant through IVF) have you take it till 12wks to be extra safe. Good luck!!! I'll say a prayer for you and your baby. PS - The OTC is not the same as the prescription, but ultimately the biggest difference is the dosage (hence me saying I would take it 2x's a day). There are other differences, but I won't go into them. It will work. But, remember progesterone is not going to save a pregnancy unless low progesterone is the only issue. Hopefully, that makes sense.
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