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Re: LOL, I'm curious...

Originally Posted by missy_cbell21 View Post
i was stuck in a hospital bed all day and later that night i started telling the nurse i had too poo, she just kept saying no it's just the baby moving down. for almost five hours i felt like i had too go. finally during pushing i knew i went and i yelled at my nurse "i told you i had too s***!!! mabey next time if you listen yuou won't have too play with it!!" i felt so bad the next day and had too tell her i was sorry, she just giggled and said it was the first time she was yelled at instead of the husband.
My ob with DD#1 didn't want to let me up to poo. I said I had to pee and he said "well, do it" then I said I had to poo and he said "well do it" and I said NO! And after a few minutes, he let me up to poop with the warning not to "poop his baby" Ummmm. . . his baby? And I still pooped on the bed without knowing it a little bit later.
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