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Originally Posted by crunchymom2b
I agree with the PPs. Will baby nurse at all? Stimulation from baby, even just a little, will help your supply. A few more suggestions:

1. Power Pump. You can either do this by pumping 10min on/10min off for an hour or try to mimic acluster feed more closely by pumping 15-30minutes every hour for a few hours.
2. Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Goats Rue all help with supply
3. Oatmeal!
4. Pump more often. If you're going every 3-4 hours try every 2-3 hours for awhile. If you'r eskipping the middle of the night session, add it back. Aim for 8-12 sessions a day.
5. Make sure you're emptying the breasts at each session.
6. Check all the parts on your pump. Have the membranes been replaced recently? Is everything pieced together properly? Are you using correctly sized flanges?
7. has your period started? That can decrease supply

Instead of supplementing with formula, if truly necessary, you can use donor milk. But formula is not evil!
This is wonderful advise!!
Good luck mama!! You can do it!
How old is your baby? My LC said if younger than 5ish months you can get baby to learn to latch.
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