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Dealing with a special needs child as a sibling

How do your other children deal with having a sibling with disabilities? My 6yr old is starting to ask more questions about his big brother's health issues and he's also starting to pretend to be hurt at times. We try to answer his questions as simply but as honestly as we can but not sure what to do about the pretending. I'm certain it's for the attention, my oldest was in the ER a couple of weeks ago and on crutches up till Monday and received a lot of attention at school because of it. My 6yr old today was telling me about how his leg was hurting him in the exact same spot and how he needed to go to the ER and get crutches. I managed to distract him with something else and he stopped the pretending but he's done it before and I'm sure will do it again. I'm really not sure how to handle it.
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