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Originally Posted by Wendylady
I don't know if this is much help to you but my child with special needs was accepted into a special needs preschool at age 3. He had similar issues to what you mention here(no talking, issues with loud noise and freaked out being away from us, or even other people touching him, like his teachers or doctors). It really helped him a lot, the socialization was a big help with his speech especially. He freaked out at first but grew to love his teachers. His sensory issues are only with really loud noises though so that wasn't as big of a concern in a classroom environment,though it made using public restrooms impossible for years!
Same here.

My dd just turned 3. Is in the sn preschool. She has severe anxiety, selective mutism and asd with spd. She is doing well at school. It has helped.

I would do what feels best to you. We had my dd at story time and stopped for a while. The anxiety was too much for dd.
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