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Re: Input needed....Severe separation anxiety??

How long does she cry while she is at MDO? 30 minutes or the whole time?
My personal thoughts are that if the MDO is ok with it, to let her tough it out there. It really helped my DS who wasn't really talking at 2.5. He is now above age level at 3.5. At 3, early intervention kicks you over to your school district and kids go to developmental preschool, so the routine of going to school now will help when you go to 5 days a week preschool at age 3. DS goes 9-11:45 5 days a week.

I wouldn't jump to meds just yet. At 3, I might. I am also one to give anything a trial. If they do want to do meds, just agree to try them for a month and see, and if you don't like them, you can always take her off them. You don't know if they help or not without trying them.
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