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Re: Will part-time underwear be confusing? / Update:Full time underwear!

I am so impressed! And maybe a little jealous. My 17 month old, who I have part-time EC'ed since she was about 3 weeks old, is so close, but I can't seem to get her to tell me when she needs to go, at least not consistently at all. At home she's always in trainers pretty much (except naps), and we have good days - like today where she was dry all day - and bad days where we go through 4 trainers and 2-3 diapers. But this is based almost solely on timing and somewhat me reading her cues. Very occasionally she says pee pee, or goes over to the potty. I have not been able to brave bringing her out in public even in the trainers, yet she does potty in public quite frequently. The diapers ( I use prefolds as well ) are becoming a big pain. Any suggestions or thoughts? Or do I just keep waiting it out for her to tell me more consistently?
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