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Re: need a chill pill need a chill pill need a chill pill need a chill pill need a ch

Personally I'd just tell my mom that I really, truly didn't have space for any of it and you'd like to get *insert item* that you really need. But my mom is understanding like that. I don't get why people buy gifts and don't include gift receipts, I always do so if someone needs something different they can get it. But anyways I digress.

Originally Posted by Melinda29 View Post
Okay, I have been in that situation except it was a Williams Sonoma food processor. Tears and everything. This is what I did.

I went online and figured out approximately what they spent on the items, then picked out stuff I could actually use (my first set of nice frying pans, but I was very picky about the pieces--only a few and only what I would truly use, not a whole set). Then I called Williams Sonoma, explained that I would like an exchange, and arranged for a pickup with an order for my new stuff in the box. Then after it arrived, I called her and thanked her up and down for the pans. She was confused, she had sent me a food processor. Oh well, they must have made a mistake! And I LOVE my new frying pans, so don't worry about calling the store to fix it, Mom.

A bit deceitful, yes. But I couldn't bear to hurt her feelings, and they would have been badly hurt. And I couldn't stand the thought of all that money and space wasted.
That's very clever!
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