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Another Biter!

My 10.5 month old has taken to biting. Hard! She has just the two teeth on bottom and that is bad enough. Not sure what to do because I have tried taking her off and she still bites the next time. I went through this same thing with my middle DD at around the same age and she weaned by 11.5 months with me putting up a big fight. She drew blood quite often and then just refused completely. She had not gained and was even labeled FTT.

I know this is a common problem apparently, but I never really find any good info that works or maybe there is something I am missing as to why she is biting. I don't want this to be her weaning as well and it would honestly break my heart. My husband watched in agony the last time at me trying and being continually bit but I was determined, only to fail anyway.

I really don't think it is her wanting to be done only because she still nurses very frequently and as a special nursing whine lol that signals when she wants to. I just don't want to get to the point where I am tense about nursing or fearful of the big chomp. Oh and if it helps, it's usually a couple sucks and then a bite and then repeat.
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