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Originally Posted by Ashsmama
I weighed this morning
147.8 :-/ up from 145
Tomorrow is the start of a new month!
My goal is to get into the 130s range!
My ultimate goal is 125.
Anybody know how much water I should be drinking? Like how many ounces?
I'm going to make it a rule for myself that I can't have my diet coke (which I'm addicted to) until I drink my water!
Originally Posted by mamatoclaire

I think the rule of thumb for water is half your body weight in ounces.

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The rule is 8 cups a day that's 64 oz. however you really should have half your body weight in oz.

If you don't drink much water. I would challenge yourself to try to make 8 cups a day (64 oz) for the whole month of December then 10 cups a day (80 oz) for January or half your body weight in oz.

By doing this you will gradually build upto the half your weight in oz and your body can handle it. You'll also find your drinking water all day long. If your trying to kick the coke habit start at 8 cups. Also I have a rule I can't have my coffee in the morning until I drink my cup of water (which is actually a 20 cup). Start like that no coke until you drink that first cup(s).
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