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Re: Gender thread!

Let's just say I'll have a little news to share with my family on Christmas

I couldn't have been team green unless I stared at the wall the entire u/s girls We got no facial shots, no profiles, head was way down a legs were going crazy kicking. Thankfully she could measure the essentials (and everything is perfect!) but that was it. I mentioned this on FB, but I've been really having a hard time bonding, to the point that I just completely tried to tune out my pregnancy. DH's job is ending in a couple of months which means we'll be moving to God knows where, I'm trying to switch schools and stressing about finding a job myself, getting DD into a good kindergarten..etc..just aaaaah! On top of that I certainly didn't want to get attached to the idea of either sex and don't even get me started with names . I've been a crying hormonal mess for weeks, and the fear of disappointment at birth was getting stronger by the day. So knowing this now is literally saving my sanity even though going into it, I still wasn't sure if I wanted to know. I was going to have the doc write it down for me to think about it but it was ridiculously obvious within the first 5 seconds so the decision was made for me. Just having this little person being in the forefront of my mind where it should be, has lifted huge weight off. We're keeping it off FB until after Christmas or maybe the whole time mwahaha.

My FIL will open this gift (he just told me at Thanksgiving he's hoping so much to have a little one to take fishing with him ), and my parents something like this one. She's going to be very happy the huge bag of clothes she bought at consignment will be used

We are beyond thrilled to be having a BOY! We're pretty sure he'll be Elijah (Eli) and we're hoping to find a family name for a middle name like his sisters.

Another team greener bites the dust lol
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