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Re: The 25lb Challenge November thread

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
Chinese sounds yummy. Im at the ILs for dinner so probably not clean. Oh well, i did good the rest of the day and went running.

My MIL said she made a hair appt for me and her. Idk when but apparently its a package for wash, cut, style and highlights. I am NOT a highlight girl. I'm much too cheap to do the upkeep. Idk what to do. I cant tell her i dont want to go
Highlights are great if they are sublte. You can let them grow out and not worry about them looking bad. Only go a couple shades lighter than your original hair color. Tell the hair dresser that you are not into up keep so to go with subtle.

Originally Posted by Ashsmama View Post
I weighed this morning
147.8 :-/ up from 145
Tomorrow is the start of a new month!
My goal is to get into the 130s range!
My ultimate goal is 125.
Anybody know how much water I should be drinking? Like how many ounces?
I'm going to make it a rule for myself that I can't have my diet coke (which I'm addicted to) until I drink my water!
We are in the same goal arena and place right now. I am 144.9 even after Chinese last night. My next goal (2nd one since starting) is 143. Then 138 is my 3rd goal. I woudl ideally like to see 125-130, but will take 135 no problem at my age.
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