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Re: I never thought I would say this!

You can still try Seriously, there's a good chance you'll ovulate before getting your first PPAF so it won't hurt to try now anyways. After finally getting to experience nursing I don't think I'd ever wean just to TTC, but who knows how I'd feel after 18 months of it! But you could try to space things out or drop a feeding or two to see if it helps? A healthy nursing relationship is only when mom and baby are happy with it. If you don't want to wean I would just try to space things out further and go from there! Otherwise, I'm sure AF will be here before you know it.

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
I have no advice, but I would gladly trade with you. I'm 7wks pp and my cycle just started yesterday. Mine comes back early (except for once). I hate it. I don't need my period. We can't get pregnant without IVF and all it does is remind me of that and makes me hope where there is no hope.

Good luck getting it to come back.
I hate you have to deal with that Are you against hormonal BCP to keep your period away? Though I'm sure with IVF you're tired of hormones. I just couldn't imagine mama.

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