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Re: Swagbucks Challenge Thread -- November

Originally Posted by Keiki View Post
hmm not sure how that happened, got credit for a daily goal for 60sb putting me over goal, not even trying today, so that credited for today, even though I did it a few days ago. Lately those haven't been crediting right away either. Not sure why that counted towards goal, but those inbox ones don't?
was it credit for a daily survey? If it was, I got credit for one too. I wish they would have put the date it was completed. I usually take screen shots when they don't credit. That way I can make sure not to send a ticket in for it after the 4-6 weeks passes.

Originally Posted by dreamingkristin View Post
Wow. That's impressive. I was just coming to brag about making my daily goal of 80!! Lol. Did a few surveys I didn't qualify for so I got 1-2 points for those but I said ... Ok. Gonna do one last one for the night. Well score. It's like the first survey I've actually ever really qualified for. Got 88 points. Excited!

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Thats great!! Thats how it was for me when I first started doing sb's too. It seems the more surveys you qualify for the more surveys you'll get offered, so keep trying!!
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