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I believe we may have some yeasties...
My daughter has had frequent on and off diaper rash since birth... Despite my efforts to let her be diaperless quite often, applying coconut oil like a mad woman, and rarely using a disposable diaper in the last five months or so.
(Side note: I don't believe the diapers to be the cause. i.e. buildup or detergent sensitivity)

So anyways.
A few days ago, her off and on rash turned into a hell-fire of a rash. It has the thrush look to it (red, bumpy, etc) and has spread far up her front and back across her bum. Poor baby... She is also screaming at night when she has to pee (we do EC) instead of just nudging me repeatedly.
Then, I am suddenly having pain during breastfeeding (she is six months old - we haven't had problems since she was a newborn). It's a bit stingy, but not excruciating like I read about other moms with thrush. She doesn't appear to have any mouth sores/soreness.

So. Before I go pick up gentian violet and grapefruit seed extract... lol...
Is there any OTHER reason for these symptoms? I hate to treat it as yeast if there are other possible causes.
Thanks, mamas!

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