Thread: Grumpy threes?
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Grumpy threes?

Terrible twos and f'in fours, right? WTH are threes? DS (3 and 1 month) has been a total grouchy, hitty, whiney PITA lately. I just don't understand what's going on. He has such a good vocabulary and speaks so well, but he told me this morning 'I don't like to use words when I'm angry, mommy, I just like to hit!' He woke up in a grouchy mood because he said 'Kim ate all our snack,' (Kim is one of his teachers at daycare/preschool). I could not convince him otherwise, or that there was plenty to eat downstairs. Now he's sulking in his room (his choice). Gah. Every time we make it through a phase I think the next one will be easier; noob parent problem I guess

(I'm really just venting here, btw).
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