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It really just depends on the mama. We discovered that I had 3 fibroids when I was pg w/DS. They were discovered at the 20-week u/s. two were small and there was never any concern. One was large and was near the placenta. There was concern that it would potentially take away nutrition from baby at some point so I had u/s every 4 weeks for the rest of my pg to monitor its size and make sure baby was growing properly and that the cord was fine. Everything was perfect and I ended up delivering 3 days after my due date (we talked about having to take the baby early if his health was compromised at any point along the way although it wasn't anticipated that this would happen before 34 weeks). The other big concern for fibroids is that they can inhibit the birthing process by blocking the birth canal. Mine was up high do this was never a concern for me.

Unfortunately, I had some postpartum complications. I don't want to scare you by posting the details but everything ended up being fine in the end (so far at least). I will talk about it if you really want to know but I have seen that you've had some problems so hopefully these won't be added to them. Fibroids are pretty common though. If I recall correctly, something like 1/3 of women have them by the time they're 35. For most, they don't ever cause any big problems. I have a couple friends that have them and they never had any issues during or after pregnancy. Like me, they just had lots of extra u/s.

Also, I got huge! I don't know what I was measuring at the end but I consistently measured way ahead. I looked about 24 weeks pregnant at 16 weeks. I only gained 26 lbs and DS was 7lbs 5oz but I really was massive by the end. It doesn't help that I'm only 5'2" and 120 lbs normally though.

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