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Originally Posted by ArmyWifeBethany

You're such a sweet mama! Thank you for your kind words. I do think I went through some serious birth trauma, which my family has kind of shrugged off and belittled since they think I should just be happy that she's healthy. I AM very happy that she's healthy and thriving, but my birth experience was everything I didn't want it to be, and that's hard to just "get over." It's been a year, and I rarely think about it, but it's still very very real to me. I still remember everything like it was yesterday.

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I know exactly what that is like. My first delivery was traumatic (different details, but still traumatic). There are some counselors who can help women process and work trough disappointing and traumatic birth situations. If you're interested I can do some digging for you and see if there are any in your area? Feel free to PM me. :-) I've found that the most important factors for mom having a satisfying and healing experience is that she feels safe and supported. Te details on mode of delivery don't actually matter as long as you feel safe and supported. For me that looked like planning an hbac after my CS bc of my specific trauma and triggers. For another woman that might look like planning a peaceful cesarean birth. The importance is knowing what will make you feel safe and what kind of support will be most meaningful to you, and finding your voice and a supportive birth team.

((Hugs)) to you on your journey, mama.
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