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Re: I'm Absolutely Clueless

Originally Posted by monica-m View Post
The Smart Seat, while a great concept is not that great of a seat. It's outgrown early in rear facing mode. It's very expensive for what you get in longevity. OP is in Canada and I don't think it's available there.
I think it is actually, I seem to recall seeing it on the TRU website for us, but still, not a great seat.

Your LO and mine are about the same age and size and I'm putting her in a true fit at the end of next month as her infant seat is hand-me-down from her big sister and expires at the end of the year. One nice feature of it since I'll be putting her in it when she's still so little is that the headrest comes off for babies under 22lbs and a certain height, so it really doesn't take up much room front to back. It's a pretty easy install compared to some of the other seats I've tried and isn't too expensive. I think it was about $150 on sale when we got it at zellers, which since they're closing soon should net you some good deals.

For a good convertible up here, you're looking at between 150-200+. There are cheaper seats out there, but you'll find that they're outgrown rather quickly. Convertibles like the Complete air, True fit, and my ride have taller shells and higher strap heights than the cheap models and will last your child to a good booster age. You can get a britax, there's certainly nothing wrong with them, but for the price difference I don't feel they give you much more.

In general, stay away from the seats that claim to RF/FF and booster. They really don't do all of them well and frequently make terrible boosters. The Radian may be an exception, as it's an excellent RF and FF seat, but even so the booster mode is kinda shoehorned in and isn't terribly useful.
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