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Originally Posted by jaelynsmommy61607
Well being a vbac mama you're unable to be induced. If you want to have a repeat go for it.

How ever if you want a vbac you could always wait to schedule your c section until 41 weeks. If nothing happens then you wont go thru an induction. Its very risky to be induced with a previous csection.
I'd look into the actual data about this before making any final decisions about induction. There is an increased risk of rupture with the use of cytotec, a small increase with low doses of pitocin, and (as far as I have read) not any added risk with the use of a Foley catheter for dilation. There ARE induction options available that don't require pitocin. I'm only presenting those as options for mamas who want to avoid a CS for post dates (which doesn't sound like you). If a mama was forced to choose between induction (say at 41/42 weeks) and an elective CS, you do have the option of induction IF you want it. For a mom who has no medical indication for another cesarean, and who wants to avoid a second one bc she plans on having a large family (risks to future pregnancies increase with each section), induction can be a safe option under certain circumstances. It doesn't mean ob's should be encouraging mom's to induce or taking an in scion of a vbac lightly, but it is an option.
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