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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon

I'd look into the actual data about this before making any final decisions about induction. There is an increased risk of rupture with the use of cytotec, a small increase with low doses of pitocin, and (as far as I have read) not any added risk with the use of a Foley catheter for dilation. There ARE induction options available that don't require pitocin. I'm only presenting those as options for mamas who want to avoid a CS for post dates (which doesn't sound like you). If a mama was forced to choose between induction (say at 41/42 weeks) and an elective CS, you do have the option of induction IF you want it. For a mom who has no medical indication for another cesarean, and who wants to avoid a second one bc she plans on having a large family (risks to future pregnancies increase with each section), induction can be a safe option under certain circumstances. It doesn't mean ob's should be encouraging mom's to induce or taking an in scion of a vbac lightly, but it is an option.
I totally mistyped that. I mean after 41 weeks have a repeat. Sorry. I'm a hba2c mama and know the risks. I wouldn't induce with pit or the pill.
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