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Originally Posted by Junipervt

How did you get started doing this?
Basically i started out writing for sites like, and They provide content for whoever needs it. The pay isnt super high but it can be a great intro to online article writing.

If you are more extroverted, you can also pitch ideas to magazines (both online and print). This pays waaaaay more, but can be tough to get into.

Another option (which i personally dont rec but cant hurt to mention)is bidding sites like elancer and guru. You bid for how mucg you will do the job for. You will be up against ppl willing to work for pennies. Sometimes you will come across a client who is actually more concerned about quality rather than who will do the work for little to nothing, but it seems to be rare. At least this is my experience. I have seen writers who get tons of money advertising themselves on these sites though

AFM, after content sites, i found a few private clients on Its an online forum and there are places where ppl post that they are looking for content. I also advertise on craigslist. I have found some decent paying private clients way. Sometimes i get students asking me to write their paper, but for thr most part its not bad.

Now i mainly do business blogs as opposed to articles. I use my own website and blog(plus other blogs i write for ) as samples. My clients pay anywhere from $30-70 each post.

I know this is all over the place. I hope it makes sense and helps. Feel free to ask me anything else.
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